Water Soluble Powder



Sulfadiazine …..


Trimethoprim ……….





3 Sulfa & Trimethoprim ? is it safe?

yes Fl-Coc contains 3 sulfonamide and Trimethoprim and it is safer than single or double

Sulfa preparations

Real damage associated with us of Sulfonamide having low intrinsic urinary

alability can be reduced by using a mixture of less on thee of these compoundo.

When wal sulfonamide are adininistes el concurrently. Their anti-bacterial

libro de unade laddative effect) but the m any solubility remains unaffected

by sence of other (Las of independent solubility). As a result, when muides of

soulfonamide ese administered, concentration of each day in urine is minimized thes

cucing the possibility of cystal formation, but the total concentration of

sulfonamile in blood is of sufficient magnitude to achieve bacteriostasie

Richard Bevil

une 723, Chapter 48, Salfonamide, pharmacology by jones, 50th Edition)


Fi-Coc is drug of choice in Avian coccidiosis, Respiratory, Gastro intestinal, urogenital

infectious especially Fowl typhoid, Fowl Cholera, Infectious Coryza.

Fi-Coc is safe to use at any age in broilers, layers and breeders as no loss of production is

academically reported with the therapeutic and rational use of sulfonamide.


For Coccidiosis: 1gm of Fi-Coc per 2 liters of drinking water for 3 days. Than 2 days plain

water. Repeat medicated water for 2 days more.

For Typhoid, Cholera, Coryza and other bacterial infections: 1 gm per 2 liters of drinkina

water for 3 to 5 days.


100 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg.


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